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For over twenty years, NBR has been the leader in nonclinical surgical implants and targeted delivery of large and small molecules to the CNS, utilizing intracerebroventricular, intraparenchymal, intrathecal and epidural routes of administration. A catheter is implanted in the region of interest and terminates in a subcutaneous access port (for single bolus injections or sample collections), implantable osmotic or mechanical infusion pump, or exteriorized for attachment to an ambulatory infusion pump. The experienced and capable surgical staff also performs specialty surgical procedures and microsurgical applications. In addition to our current expertise, NBR is also developing a platform that will provide real time, MRI-guided intraparenchymal or intracebroventricular drug delivery.

Surgical procedures completed at NBR comply with all applicable sections of the current version of the Animal Welfare Act, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources, the Commission on Life Sciences, the National Research Council and must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. All surgeries are completed in a sterile surgical suite under aseptic conditions.

Neurosurgical procedures are completed by a highly trained staff with superior technical ability and extensive neurosurgical experience. Surgery at NBR utilizes state of the art equipment, quality medical products and novel techniques for precision targeting of minute structures. Surgical recovery is closely monitored with strict adherence to established post-surgical care guidelines and protocols. All procedures are performed according to specific study protocols and in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures of NBR.

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Neurosurgery - IT A number of IT models have been developed by NBR, including non-human primate, canine, rodent and ovine. Depending on the study specific aims, intrathecal infusion may be achieved by lumbar or cisterna magna puncture or catheter implantation. Infusions are performed at the desired vertebral level, depending on protocol-specific targets. Proper catheter placement and delivery are confirmed using a myelogram or MRI. The intrathecal route of administration offers the potential of global CNS coverage via CSF distribution.

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Neurosurgery - ICV Access to the lateral cerebral ventricle (unilateral or bilateral) is through stereotaxic implantation of a catheter into the ventricular system of non-human primates, canines, rodents and lagomorphs. MRI scans screen for congenital abnormalities and provide optimal cartography coordinates for targeting the lateral ventricles for catheter implantation in large animal species. An MRI scan or ventriculogram is also performed following surgery to confirm catheter placement in the lateral ventricle. The intracerebroventricular route of administration offers the potential of diffuse distribution to deep brain structures as well as global CNS coverage via CSF distribution.

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Neurosurgery - IP NBR has utilized intraparenchymal administration for targeted delivery of test articles directly to an area of interest (unilateral or bilateral) in non-human primates and rodents. Targeted areas include, but are not limited to, the striatum (caudate nucleus and putamen), lentiform nucleus (putamen and globus pallidus), substantia nigra, hippocampus and the nucleus basalis of Meynert (basal forebrain). MRI scans screen for congenital abnormalities and provide optimal cartography coordinates for targeting the area of interest for catheter implantation in large animal species. MRI scans are also performed post-surgically to confirm optimal catheter placement and provide longitudinal data for monitoring distribution and potential pathologies.