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Facility Key Features

  • New AAALAC-accredited facility completed in 2012
  • Secure with continuous monitoring
  • Two aseptic surgery suites
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our FacilityTo Top

NBR is housed in a state of the art, AAALAC-accredited facility.

SecurityTo Top

The grounds are completely enclosed by a six-foot high, chain link security fence. Access to the grounds is through gates with controlled keycard operation. The grounds and facility are equipped with a sophisticated security system that includes, but is not limited to, multiple barriers requiring keycard access, infrared sensors and video surveillance. The vivarium is continuously monitored by video surveillance. Test articles are secured in a restricted access room. Archives is located within a limited access, concrete room protected by a FM-200 fire suppression system.

Business SpaceTo Top

The office area of the building includes a conference room with interactive whiteboard technology, reception area, lounge, guest office, locker rooms, archives and support facilities. These areas are completely isolated from the laboratory.

LaboratoryTo Top

The laboratory is divided into work areas, vivarium, support areas and mechanical areas. The work areas consist of MRI, compound preparation with laminar flow hoods, sterilization (autoclaves and ethylene oxide), surgery preparation, two aseptic surgery suites, clinical pathology, necropsy, fixative preparation and medical storage. The centrally located dual surgery suites are each equipped to handle simultaneous procedures with adjacent or remote viewing access. The surgery suites are also equipped with active anesthetic gas scavenging systems and pass through access ports. Storage capabilities include room temperature, refrigerators and -80°C freezers with centrally monitored temperature alarms to ensure material integrity.

VivariumTo Top

The vivarium is environmentally controlled with no recirculation of room air. Lighting, temperature, humidity and airflow are controlled and monitored. Water is supplied via automatic pressure controlled, filtered water systems. The flooring is 100% epoxy with epoxy cove and the rooms have impervious walls and ceilings. Rooms have sound attenuation panels and may be equipped with flat screen TVs for environmental enrichment. The rooms have through-the-wall portals for a central vacuum system used for sanitation of the rooms and wastewater removal. Lab animal food is certified lab animal diet. Water is routinely analyzed for purity.

Magnetic Resonance ImagingTo Top

Trained NBR personnel operate the Philips 3.0 Tesla MRI unit. The MRI device is completely self-contained with backup power-generating capabilities, air handling units, a powered patient lift, digital data storage and a fire suppression system. MRI is extremely useful in the assessment of toxicologic endpoints, location/validation of implant placement, computer-assisted analysis/enhancement, longitudinal analysis, investigational research and novel applications.

Support FacilitiesTo Top

Support areas include locker rooms, tunnel cage wash, receiving, feed and bedding storage and mechanical areas. Facility heat and steam requirements are met by two natural gas steam boilers. Emergency power is provided by an automatic diesel generator that is tested on a monthly basis and maintained and monitored by licensed specialists.